Welcome to Rolle House

Rolle House is a registered Children’s Home specialising in caring for children and young people aged between five and 17 years old, who are Deaf or hearing-impaired. Rolle House operates independently and is managed by our Children’s Home Manager, Alex Stephens.

“One child has been supported to develop their communication skills significantly since moving into the home. This has had a life-changing impact on the child and their family.”

At Rolle House we care for Deaf or hearing-impaired young people who have:

  • Learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities
  • Additional needs such as behavioural, emotional or social challenges

We offer four placements at any one time. Each placement is appropriately assessed, matched and an impact risk assessment process carried out to ensure the safety and success of not only each placement, but the service as a whole. This ensures the best possible outcomes for all of young people placed with us.

We communicate using British Sign Language (BSL) and we consider all appropriate age ranges.