Initial Enquiries

Any initial enquiries about vacancies and placements within Rolle House should be referred to the Deaf Academy’s Admissions Team, who will then send the enquirer information about Rolle House and our services, and pass the enquiry on to the Rolle House Management Team.


In order to pursue an interest in a placement at Rolle House, we provide prospective young people and placing authorities with information with regard to our service. This gives young people and their families with an opportunity to find out more about Rolle House, our community and what we can provide. We also like to assess the young person’s support needs to help us decide whether they can be met. The process is unique for each young person and can include:

  • An in-depth individual assessment involving a range of professionals including social workers
  • The Registered Manager/Deputy Manager will visit the young person’s existing family home or existing placement to gain some insight into the challenges surrounding the particular case and assess suitability for our placement offer. All relevant documentation relating to the individual should be requested at this time, this should include:
    • current care plans/placement plans
    • risk assessments
    • safeguarding information
    • behavioural guidelines
    • records of incidents/accidents

This information will be used for the purposes of completing the assessment.

When making decisions about new people moving into Rolle House, the Registered Manager will consider the needs and views of those young people already residing within the home.

Offer of Placement

The Admissions Team will then send a letter offering placement together with a fee quote.

If the decision is made to offer a placement, arrangements will be made for the individual and relevant others to visit Rolle House and meet other young people residing in the home.  The individual will receive a copy of the Children’s Guide.

If the decision is made that there are not suitable placements at Rolle House then a letter with a clear explanation will be sent to the relevant parties


Once all parties agree that a placement will go ahead.  The Registered Manager will liaise with all parties and arrange a transition planning meeting.

Ideally, where appropriate, the young person will have one or two overnight stays, as a minimum, in order to meet other young people within the provision and get used to their new surroundings. The young person will be also allocated a key worker.

A list of actions will be agreed at the transition planning meeting including a move in date and prior visits.

Moving in

On the day of the move the key worker will ensure they receive a thorough handover from the person escorting the young person and check and record any handover of monies or medication.

The Registered Manager and key worker will ensure the day runs smoothly and the young person and any accompanying others are made to feel welcome.  The key will also ensure that any emergency and complaint procedures are explained and help the young person unpack.

There is usually a placement planning meeting with the funding authority within the first 6 weeks of placement; this is usually arranged by the funding authority.

For more Information or to inquire about admissions, please contact Georgia McGrane, Deaf Academy Admissions Officer: